This is an excerpt from the book atmamun by Kapil Gupta.

Once again, the mindfulness folks will say that this sounds very much like mindfulness.

Are they correct?


I have never contested the End Product of what mindfulness touts.

But I fully contest the idea that mindfulness is a practical vehicle to reach this end product.

When you “meditate” you are only in meditation when you meditate (and even that is questionable). When your life is Meditative, there is never a time when you are not in meditation.

Meditation is Not an action. And the world has been taught to treat it as an action. And it is for this reason that it does not work for the overwhelming majority of practitioners.

Meditation is not about doing something.

It is not about Achieving something.

It is not about Becoming something.

Meditation is about Allowing, rather than doing. It is about Stillness, rather than achievement. And it is certainly not about becoming something.

Please understand this: meditation is about becoming LESS than you ever thought possible.